About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the RSG1 Foundation is to fund research, awareness, and education, for people who have been diagnosed with malignant brain tumors, cancer, and other types of neurological disease. The RSG1 Foundation will continue to strive to develop programs in order to help people reach their ultimate quality of life.  


RSG1 has developed an annual Valentine’s Day 5K, 10K and 15K race to self fund its operations, and mission.  These races along with other events that RSG1 has  partnered with are easily becoming the core of RSG1’s donation base.


Money has been distributed to the Barrow Neurological Institute for medical supplies for a Clinical Trial to be used for 40 brain tumor patients.  The RSG1 Foundation also provides support to persons throughout the United States and in India with malignant brain tumors and cancer.   

Other past and present affiliate/partners of the RSG1 Foundation are the United Way of Allegheny County (#10231835), Gamma Sigma Sigma, Dick's Sporting Goods, The Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh at UPMC, The Boilermakers Local 154, MINI COOPER of Pittsburgh, The Pittsburgh Foundation, Pittsburgh Give’s, NORD (National Organization of Rare Disorders), EURODIS, and The ANSYS-Mylan Classic PGA Tour.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Samra R. Savioz

President & Founder

Thomas P. McGinnis Esq.

Board Chair

Adam Cohen


Michele Dolby


Lauren Diulus

Board Member

Bryan Hawes

Board Member

Advisory Committee and Contributors

Michael Muecker Ph.D.

Medical Advisor-Washington University 

Dr. Charles Burant

University of Michigan

Dr. Sherin Devaskar


Dr. Mary Newport

Spring Hill Regional

Dr. Susan Vannucci

Cornell University

Dr. Bess Marshall

Washington University

Dr. Michael Mueckler

Washington University

Dr. Simon Fisher

Washington University

Dr. Paul Hruz

Washington University

Dr. Anthony Carruthers


Dr. Gao Guangping


Dr. Ian Simpson

Penn State University-Hershey

Dr. Morris White

Harvard University

Dr. Amira Klip

University of Toronto

Dr. Joerg Klepper

Children's Hospital of Aschaffenburg, Germany

Dr. Dominic D'Agostino

University of South Florida

Dr. Henri Brunengraber

Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Thomas Seyfried

Boston College

Dr. Adrienne C. Scheck

St. Josephs Hospital Medical Center

Dr. Joesph Maroon

Neurosurgeon Pittsburgh, PA

Helping Those in Need

The RSG1 Foundation has provided funding to support a “human clinical trial” for people who have been diagnosed with malignant brain tumors.

We recently shipped a batch of medical supplies to the Barrow Neurological Institute and Research Center in Phoenix, AZ for 40 patients with malignant brain tumors who are participating in a clinical trial. In total, the foundation is contributing $40,000 of medical supplies toward the study.

The funds for this trial were raised by the foundation through special events such as the Valentine’s Race in North Park in Pittsburgh.


RSG1 was originally founded under the name, Remi Savioz Glut1 Foundation. As the mission of the organization has evolved so has the name of the organization in order to include many others.

Student interns are always in need and are greatly appreciated at RSG1!

Contact us at info@rsg1foundation.com if you are interested in getting yourself, your school or your organization more involved with RSG1.

Dr Joseph Maroon, neurosurgeon, Pittsburgh, PA